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CADUNITY is a marketplace where you can buy and sell article data in a predefined standard. The working group guarantees that all data fulfil your high-quality requirements. The standard allows you to deploy the data right away.


As soon as the marketplace is online, you can register and become part of the community – as a purchaser or as a seller of data. The exact procedure has not been determined yet, but feel free to leave us your contact details and we will provide you with free access to our LIVE-Version of CADUNITY and the exemplary project.


The members of the CADUNITY working group are SMS group GmbH, SMS digital GmbH, Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and case-team GmbH. They combine long-time practical experience in the ECAD sector with digital expertise to break new ground.


The aim of the CADUNITY standard is the determination of the data fields, contents and values as well as the design guidelines for the realization of a mechatronic article base. It serves as the basis for the horizontal integration of the value-adding network between electrical engineering and control cabinet production beyond company boundaries. The standard refers to the display of circuit diagrams (e.g. basic project, sheet layout, macros).

The standard is especially important for the generation of circuit diagrams, as e.g. circuit diagram generators always run according to fixed rules and structures. It is not a universal standard for all industries, but an approach which has been developed and favored by established ECAD engineers.


Quality-assured means that all data fields of the article data are viable and its content has been proven. The operators of CADUNITY affix a seal to quality-assured data. The data must be complete and correct in accordance with the underlying design guideline/ standard.


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How to sign up?
What to expect after registration?
How to get specific information on applications?
What is Industry 4.0?
What is the aim of the mySMS group platform?
Does the usage of the platform cost anything?
Is the usage of the platform safe?
Who installs the platform and applications for me?
How to integrate applications within my local IT-infrastructure?
Who is in charge of the mySMS group platform?
Where do we come from?

How to sign up?

Sign up

Just fill in our registration form and let us know who you are and whom you are working for.

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Confirm approval mail

Generally, not later than 30 minutes after you have signed up, you will receive an approval mail from signup@my.sms-group.com, if not please check your SPAM as well.


Login by entering your email address and personal password.

Enjoy the mySMS group platform.

What to expect after registration?

Be first mover and …

  • … test all our innovative applications
  • … get in touch with dedicated product managers for detailed information on our applications
  • … get insights into industry and digitalization topics

How to get specific information on applications?

  • Sign up for our mySMS group platform
  • Contact us personally via mail to hello@sms-digital.com

What is Industry 4.0?

Industrie 4.0 is the fourth big industrial revolution which is characterized by:

  • Interconnectedness of any kind of hardware (e.g. machines and devices) within an industrial context
  • Barrier-free interaction between hardware, software and humans
  • One result of the Industry 4.0 revolution could be the so called “smart factory”

What is the aim of the mySMS group platform?

Our aim is to become the leading source of digital solutions for the metal industry.

We are offering various applications through the mySMS group platform, which are tailored to you and your business needs.

In the near future mySMS group will be expanded to an „Industry Appstore“ where you also will be able to find innovative products of our partners.

Does the usage of the platform cost anything?

No, sign up and testing of our applications are free, moreover you can enjoy some useful essentials like a steel dictionary, free of charge.

You only need to pay for complex applications which have a positive impact on your daily business.

Is the usage of the platform safe?

Yes, thanks to our state-of-the-art-security features, the usage of the platform is safe:

  • Transmission of all data via an end-to-end encryption
  • All data secured on encrypted drives
  • Hosting in German data centers



Who installs the platform and applications for me?

Neither the platform itself, nor any applications need to be installed on your premises.

Platform and applications can be used within our safe cloud environment which is hosted in Germany.

How to integrate applications within my local IT-infrastructure?

In general our applications are running in our safe cloud environment, the implementation within your local IT-infrastructure depends on your individual setup.

Please contact us and we will find a solution which fits your expectations.

Who is in charge of the mySMS group platform?

The SMS digital GmbH is in charge of the mySMS group platform:


The applications itself are in the responsibility of SMS digital as well as SMS group or third party vendors.

Where do we come from?

SMS digital GmbH is a subsidiary of SMS group (formerly SMS Siemag; SMS Meer) the market leading constructor of metallurgical plants and machinery for the industrial processing of steel, aluminum, and nonferrous metals, with headquarters in Düsseldorf and offices in Hilchenbach and Mönchengladbach.